Open Access - managing copyright

Francesca Re Manning/

Copyright - 'the works of the mind'

Each country has its own copyright...

The copyright holder has the right to
  • control the reproduction 

the author of the work (but can be:
  • assigned/licensed
  • employer/employee
  • heirs
Life of the author/copyright holder + 70 years (copyright expires)
corporate ownership up to 90 years (Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse)

creative commons: there are uses of copyrighted materials that do not require permission by the copyright holder.

creative commons is an open-access tool!

Technological Protection Measures (TPM)

Ensure you:
know what the publisher's polcies are
establish who the author is and who owns the copyright
discuss repository agreements or author distribution agreement via Creative Commons

Melanie Dulong de Rosnay - Institute of Information Law, University of Amsterdam 

Facilitating sharing and reuse
- Science Commons - focused on science and has many initiatives, this CC science commons license can be attached to the contract with publishers...

- CC - legal and technical tools

Science commons protocol for implementing Open access data - allow massive-scale machine integration of data with the 'lowest possible transaction costs on users'. all data can be re-mixed/re-used without a problem.

Different forms of OA
- Economic OA
- Legal OA
- Technical OA

Technical Barriers
- protections measures

Science Commons- 
check if they were really accessible
- she checked the open data protocol on the databases..

molecular biology databases: 20% of the DB's are actually open...they checked how they can provide OA. 
CC are not really good for data; maybe the CC0 protocol can be applicable for CG collections

Collaborate with scientists and OA actors
- identify barriers for each domain
- define regulations

Frederik van Oudenhoven:
- nutritional health, cultural value of these plants, these can be subject to bio-piracy. as long as this is not an institutionalized practice, we cannot agree to share our data...