Institutional Repositories - strategic planning

Francesca Re Manning - CAS-IP - strategic planning

Strategic Planning on adapting Open Access
how to start: 
- make a need
  • Support from management - if they don't believe in this, there is not much to discuss here...
- we are planning to have a system-wide OE workshop
- all centers have a DB; what is missing in the centers are 'policies' 
- each of the centers are doing their own OA activities; we should have a much more coordinated OA unified voice across the 15 centers..

Maria: a good way to start is to apply the CIARD pathways (those that apply to my center)

Fra: is they go with the 'gold oe', scientists should budget this cost involved..

CIAT: OA has been added to the performance assessment, strengthen library

- TJ: we should start by drafting the benefits for management, they need to see how this actually benefit Bioversity..we need to evidence of how impact increases...

Building and maintaining Digital repositories - Maria Garuccio
IR= digital archive of the intellectual product created by the faculty, research staff & students of an institution
IR= self-archiving (manuscripts, videos, thesis, posters)

Cornel University: ( math, physics, computer science...

IR: main softwares (should be OAI-PMH Compliancy - these come with a sub-set of metadata usually Dublin Core)
- DSpace
- Eprints
- Fedora Commons (Cornell)
- Digital Commons

OA Gateways 
Bioversity registered in OPenDOAR, OAIster...

Maintaining the IR
On a survey (Swan & Brown) done to 1300 authors, they are worried about:
- the quality' of self-archived articles.
- Copyright infringement (Sherpa/Romeo Website)
- Effects on the present scholarly publishing model
- Costs that self archiving might impose to an institutional repo..

Technical Requirements, Repository Software, Repository Services (Alma Swan. E-Prints; School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton, UK.  )

Open Access repositories - Eprints

Where repositories are: 
journals, thesis, unpublished reports, conference/workshop papers, videos/images

- University of Southampton - mandate to publish- 18,000 items publishes...~ 30,000 downloads/month 
this shows the native demand of this information, extra-usage apart from the journals.

- A repository can tell you a lot more about the information
The business of digital repositories (Swain A) you can download it...

- the sw offer reporting tools, per quarter/year/ referrers
- sw looks between links between papers...

Business issues - clear mission for the repository
- resources: human, financial, time.. what u do in-house, what you do outside..who do you need to persuade?
- Eprints - free but they offer trainings and help people build their repositories and they offer hosting.

How to approach management about repositories?: show them that document repository is actually a management information tool for them to know what is going on with their centers, by departments, and also be able to know who is actually viewing their information: summary: Open Access produces more: visibility, usage, citations (impact)...

pressure: we must demonstrate that we have a real impact  and showing our work in repositories is a way to go...